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With significant experience in the aviation fuels and aircraft refuelling industry and ship loading / discharge, we have the skills and industry networks to fulfill your training, auditing, engineering, maintenance and operational needs.

From start-ups to established operations, we're able to support you.


Ian has extensive experience in the fuels industry with 12 years dedicated to aviation fuel operations. His experience spans every type of operation from the smallest regional to largest international facility. He audits import terminals to airport facilities and refuelling operations. 

Ian specialises in developing and facilitating engaging and practical training for operational and management staff.  The focus for operational staff is to ensure they have the necessary competences and understanding of the risks and controls to prevent errors. The focus for managers and supervisors is on the effective management of staff, safety and operational effectiveness.

Ian consults internationally for a range of companies wanting to achieve safety improvement and improved risk management with simultaneous cost savings and operational efficiencies.

Training Manager

Gary has had an extensive career in the fuels industry, predominantly in Aviation. He has practical and technical experience in all facets including operations, management training and auditing or refuelling facilities. He has a comprehensive understanding of fuels quality, refuelling equipment and aviation fuels facilties as well as a comprehensive understanding of regulatory and industry requirements.

As the training manager for a major international company, Gary is highly regarded by his peers for his ability to positively influence and mentor people in the mindset and behaviours that attribute to safety awareness and a desire for self-improvement.


Jeff offers 30 years of aviation engineering experience. He has designed, constructed, commissioned and maintained fuel infrastructure and mobile equipment. He has worked with major oil companies and airport authorities in Australia and overseas and he is recognised as a subject matter expert in aviation engineering. He is fully conversant with all industry, Australian and international and standards and provides a wide range of technical services to Airport authorities, Defence, oil companies and major engineering consultancy firms.

Jeff also has extensive experience in supervising and managing complex projects and permitting for high-risk activities. He has also developed and implemented Permit to Work systems for organisations.

Engineering Consultant
Tojan Engineering

Tom has more than 35 years of fuels industry engineering and project management experience in Australia and internationally. For the past 15 years, Tom has focused on aviation fuel storage and handling facilities. He has managed and implemented engineering works  and project management for oil companies, fuel suppliers and airports. He has designed and constructed a wide range of facilities - from small general aviation facilities to major airport fuel infrastructure and upgrades.


With his experience, Tom is able to achieve practical and cost-effective project and facility outcomes. Tom  specialises in technical guidance, engineering and design development, facility commissioning and project management services. 

Grant Rillie.JPG
Maintenance & Spare Parts
Aviation Components

Grant is the owner of Aviation Components and has over 18 years’ experience in the maintenance of aviation refuelling equipment. Aviation Components Pty Ltd is a family owned and operated aviation refuelling equipment maintenance provider. Established in 1996, it is based in Brisbane providing onsite service across Australia and the Pacific Islands.


Aviation Components provide the complete service, scheduled testing and maintenance for facility assets and mobile equipment to major oil companies and many private enterprises from aero clubs, regional councils, ag operators, fuel suppliers and helicopter rescue operators.


Aviation Components carry a large range of parts, equipment and consumables in their Brisbane warehouse. There is no-one better equipped or more expert.

Ship discharge & loading
RTB Logistics

Rod has over 36 years experience in fuels terminals, ship discharge and loading and driver training and development. His experience extends to:

  • Terminal operator training & management

  • Shore Officers and Wharf Attendant training

  • Transport management systems auditing

  • Chain of Responsibility training and auditing

  • Defensive driving training for all categories from light vehicles to Road Trains. 

Rod is also associated with the National Road Safety Partnership showing his strong believe in safety management and development.

Rod is extremely experience and a qualified trainer with many years 'under his belt'

RTB Fuel Logistics Consultancy is a key partner in many contracts and is a trusted and professional consultant when we are engaged by terminals to help with tank and asset upgrades and HAZOPS.

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